Literatūra un kultūra: process, mijiedarbība, problēmas

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„Literatūra un kultūra: process, mijiedarbība, problēmas” (iekļauts EBSCO datubāzē)


Comparative Studies

Aims & scope of the journal

Journal “Comparative Studies” has been issued annually by Daugavpils University (Latvia) since 2008. Journal “Comparative Studies” has entered into an electronic licensing relationship with EBSCO Publishing and IC Journal Master List. The papers are anonymously peer-reviewed and published upon positive evaluation.

The journal “Comparative Studies” is a peer-reviewed journal that promotes comparative studies and culture criticism as methodological  approach in the humanities and cultural studies. The main purpose of the journal is to publish original papers dealing with issues of regional, national, glocal and global aspects of culture, literature, art, theatre, music, small, minor and big literatures, identity, hybridity, migration, cross-cultural, post-colonial and gender studies in a comparative perspective.

Editorial board and scientific committee


Maija Burima, Dr. philol., professor, Latvia

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Scientific Committee of the journal “Comparative Studies”

Bente Aamotsbakken, Dr. philos., Norway

Maija Burima, Dr. philol., professor, Latvia

Alvydas Butkus, Dr. philol., professor, Lithuania

Vigmantas Butkus, Dr. hum., professor, Lithuania

André Filler, Dr. hist., associate professor, France

Rahilya Geybullayeva, Dr. philol., professor, Azerbaijan

Jeanne E. Glesener, Dr. philol., associate professor, Luxembourg

Zaiga Ikere, Dr. philol., professor, Latvia

Janīna Kursīte-Pakule, Dr. habil. philol., professor, Latvia

Yordan Lyutskanov, Dr. philol., associate professor, Bulgaria

Eva Maagerø, professor, Norway

Malan Marnersdóttir, Dr. phil., professor, Faroe Islands

Vanesa Matajc, Dr. philol., associate professor, Slovenia

Sandra Meškova, Dr. philol., associate professor, Latvia

Anneli Mihkelev, Dr. phil., associate professor, Estonia

Irine Modebadze, Dr. philol., assistant professor, Georgia

Margarita Odesskaya, Dr. philol., professor, Russia

Irma Ratiani, Dr. philol., professor, Georgia

Tigran S. Simyan, Dr. habil. philol., professor, Armenia

Anna Stankeviča, Dr. philol., professor, Latvia

Jüri Talvet, Dr. philol., professor, Estonia

Elīna Vasiļjeva, Dr. philol., associate professor, Latvia


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Contact information:

Dr. philol. prof. Maija Burima
E-mail: maija.burima@du.lv
Phone number: +37165424238
Address: Vienības street 13 – 314, Daugavpils, LV-5401, Latvia