Sòókò Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Continuity and Change in the Royal History of Ilé-Ifè

Ayowole S. Elugbaju, PhD student
Lecturer, Department of History and International Studies
Redeemer’s University, Nigeria
e-mail: elugbajuayo@gmail.com

Lanre Hassan, independent researcher
Ifè, Nigeria
e-mail: Lanrehassan@gmail.com


The Sòókò institution is one of the under-researched areas within the socio-political system of Ilé-Ifè despite its primal position in the sustenance and continuation of the traditional political system of Ilé-Ifè. The paper employed primary and secondary data in examining the Sòókò institution, precisely, its origin; its place within the Ifè socio-political structure and investiture ceremonies within the context of change and continuity recorded by the institution thus far. The study discovered that while the institution is as old as the ancient town of Ife` and has continued to exist over several centuries, it has, however, not escaped the changes affecting its investiture ceremony, and relevance in the traditional political institution of the town. The paper concludes that while the institution has been affected by changes from modernity, for instance, it continues to remain a relevant body in the sustenance and continuation of Ifè monarchy and culture.

Keywords: Yòrùbá, Ilé-Ifè, Oni, Festivals, Sòókò, Prince


How to cite:
Elugbaju, A. S., Hassan, L. (2020). “Sòókò Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Continuity and Change in the Royal History of Ilé-Ifè.” Journal of Comparative Studies 13 (42), 88–102. https://doi.org/10.59893/jcs.13(42).005