From Postmodernity to a Post-Truth Society?

Diego Han, Mg. hist.
Center for Historical Research,
Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, Croatia
e-mail: diegohan@windowslive.com


In the last few years, a new concept – the “post-truth” – has developed in the Western society. According to its definition, it describes a state, in which the truth ceases to play the usual role it had in our social life and gets replaced by alternative facts and truths. However, in order to discuss correctly the “post-truth” phenomenon, some conditions have to be fulfilled: the “post-truth” cannot be approached without questioning the veracity of its antithesis, the “truth society”; the “post-truth” can only exist in liberal democracies and only in the field of political communication; and lastly, the “post-truth” is the logical consequence of the postmodern relativization of the truth. Given these preconditions, the paper focuses on the analysis of these specific points in the attempt to prove the irreversible connection between postmodernism and “post-truth”.

Keywords: “truth-society”, “post-truth society”, postmodernism, emotions


How to cite:
Diego, H. (2018). “From Postmodernity to a Post-Truth Society?” Journal of Comparative Studies 11 (40), 10–29.