History and Historian: Yesterday and Today

Silvio Tamaso D’Onofrio, Dr., independent researcher
São Paulo, Brazil
e-mail: opeltrezero@gmail.com


The article investigates some notions of the origin of universal historiography and promotes a reflection on the concept of History in antiquity and today, especially in classrooms of juvenile education. For that, a basic, exploratory, subjective, and inductive bibliographical research was carried out within the scope of the written production of classical and contemporary authors, with a view to contributing to a critical re-reading of the historiographic bases, something that is necessary given a characteristic of the constant evolution of science, which demands more and more technicality and specialization – and this happens to the historical discipline too. The purpose of reflection is to foster a critical discussion that contributes to the teaching of History in the classroom, in the present day, since the world today seems less and less prone to the study of the humanities, for several reasons. The conclusion is that we cannot forget the past teachings, much less how humanity faced and overcome its problems and challenges, with confrontations and solutions that transformed the past into a present, and from here arises the mission of building the future, aware that we will not evolve if we are not very clear about the notion of the human condition at all times.

Keywords: history, pedagogy, classics, teaching, humanities, historiography


How to cite:
Tamaso D’Onofrio, S. (2019). “History and Historian: Yesterday and Today.” Journal of Comparative Studies 12 (41), 48–64.