Occupation Scientific degree,
first name, family name
Head of the department,
associated professor
Dr.psych. Irēna Kokina 1 – 207 Parādes Street
Phone: 654 28209
E-mail: irena.kokina[at]
Mg.paed. Marita Irbe 1 – 205 Parādes Street
Phone: 654 28209 (227)
E-mail: marita.irbe[at]
Academic personnel
Professor Dr.paed. Jeļena Davidova 1 – 204 Parādes Street
E-mail: jelena.davidova[at]
Professor Dr.habil.paed. Jānis Pokulis 1 – 204 Parādes Street
Phone: 29476630
Docent Dr.psych. Valērijs Dombrovskis 1 – 424 Parādes Street
E-mail: valerijs.dombrovskis[at]
Docent Dr.psych. Svetlana Guseva 1 – 424 Parādes Street
Lecturer Mg.paed. Vija Guseva 1 – 204 Parādes Street
E-mail: vija.guseva[at]

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