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The Department of Applied Chemistry conducts fundamental and applied research in the fields of inorganic, organic and analytical chemistry, and develops cooperation with biologists and physicists. The department implements research projects, trains bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral students and develops scientific papers. The research results are focused on the development of new innovative materials and methods.

The most actual research topics of the Department of Applied Chemistry:

  • development of fluorescent analysis methods and fluorescent materials;
  • synthesis of fluorescent dyes for the visualization of biological objects;
  • development of new fluorophores, characterization and improvement of their spectral parameters;
  • determination of nutrients, organic compounds in water, soil and air;
  • determination of pesticides and other toxicants in foodstuffs;
  • production of biogas from aquaculture residues and optimization of production process parameters;
  • analysis of synthesis gas obtained in the process of biomass gasification with the aim to increase the efficiency of the process