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For studentsContacts

Project participants

Dr. biol. Anna Mežaka
I am the project coordinator and participate in the management of the project activities and their implementation. My scientific interest is related to the ecology and conservation aspects of bryophytes and lichens in forest ecosystems.
Dr. biol. Ligita Liepiņa
In the project, I perform the duties of coordinator and leading researcher. My scientific interests are related to systematics, distribution, utilization and protection of bryophytes.
Dr. biol. Ilona Plaksenkova
In the project, I plan and coordinate genetic analyzes of model species to find out their ability to spread in the forest landscape. My main areas of scientific activity are plant and animal genetics research, gene expression and plant tissue cultures. My work in the laboratory is related to the analysis of genetic material, the cultivation of plant cells and tissues, and miRNA research.
Dr. math. Armands Gricāns
As part of the project, I am engaged in mathematical modelling of the obtained results.
MSc. biol Evita Olehnoviča
I am a researcher in the project and I am working on the development of my doctoral thesis related to the succession and spatial distribution of bryophytes in broadleaf forests.
Research interests: bryology, ecology, nature conservation.
MSc. biol. Roberts Čakšs
I work with forest ecology and vegetation on the forest floor including bryophytes and lichens. I am working on my doctoral thesis in forest sciences.
MSc. biol. Inita Svilane
I am working on my doctoral thesis and as part of the project, I am helping bryophyte and lichen experts in fieldwork. During the winter period, I actively work on preparing the collected bryophyte material for storage in the scientific herbarium collection.
MSc. biol. Rolands Moisejevs
In the project, I study lichens on different substrates and in broadleaf forests of different ages and types. My scientific interest is related to the systematics, distribution and ecology of woodpeckers in different ecosystems.
MSc. env. Plan. Maris Nitcis
In the project, I prepare and analyze cartographic material, as well as participate in fieldwork in data collection. My scientific interest is related to cartography, GIS systems and nature conservation from organism to ecosystem scales.
BSc. biol. Inese Irbe
As part of the project, I carried out a photo fixation and vitality assessment of the transplanted model species of protected bryophytes and lichens, which will be followed by an evaluation of the propagation abilities of these bryophytes and lichens species. I also conducted new epiphyte transplant experiments using different transplant methods. As part of the project, I also developed my master’s thesis on bryophyte and lichen transplantation experiments. I also assisted other colleagues in the process of collecting bryophyte/lichen data in nature.
BSc. ing. silv Anna Pastare-Skutele
I work on the project as a volunteer. I carried out a survey of black alder stands, set up sample plots, identified bryophytes and collected samples for the development of my master’s thesis. I also help other project participants in data collection in broadleaf forests throughout Latvia.
Bachelor student of environmental science Aleksandra Krugļikova
I worked with lichens in the project. In cooperation with the other project participants, I collect data in field conditions, organize the lichen herbarium and identify lichen species. As part of the project, I developed my Bachelor’s thesis on the functional groups of lichens in the black-leaved forest.
Bachelor student of biology Edgars Nikolajevs
As part of the project, I worked in Silava’s laboratory. I have also started working on my Bachelor’s thesis. In the laboratory, DNA is extracted from brought bryophyte samples. The main task is to find and, if necessary, adjust the primers that, after the PCR reaction, will show the most pronounced “DNA fingerprints” in the electrophoresis gel. A custom primer will be used to determine the relatedness of the bryophytes.
Bachelor student of biology Anarina Vanaga
As part of the project, I help with the photo fixation of bryophytes and lichens, as well as help with the arrangement and digitization of herbarium material.