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New data will be gathered about two rare epiphytic bryophyte (Lejeunea cavifolia, Metzgeria furcata) and two rare epiphytic lichen species (Lobaria pulmonaria, Menegazzia terebrata) environmental demands in boreo-nemoral landscape. The fragments of bryophyte gametophytes and lichen thallus will be transferred from high quality substrates and high quality habitat to different combinations of substrate and habitat qualities.

Transplantation site of high quality habitat and low quality substrate.


Transplant transfer was carried out on different quality substrates in different habitats with different transplantation methods (medical bandage and modified bark disk method (Brodo, 1961). In total 320 transplants were transferred. Transplanted species showed different responses to the changed environment.

Preparation of transplant receptor tree
Non-vital part removal of receptor tree bark
Removal of a transplant from the donor tree
New transplant in receptor tree
Attachment of transplant
Photofixation of transplant