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Analysis of databases



For understanding the distribution of rare epiphytic species in relation to forest stand conditions, the data from data bases of Natural Data Management System OZOLS database by the request of the Nature Conservation Agency in Latvia and Forest Resource Database (2020) were analyzed. Data analysis included six rare epiphyte (Dicranum viride, Lejeunea cavifolia, Neckera companata, Cetrelia olivetorum, Menegazzia terebrata and Thelotrema lepadinum) occurrences and forest stand variables.

Data (MS Excel)

Results are compiled in this publication:Mežaka, A., Moisejevs, R. & Nitcis, M. 2021. The main drivers for the occurrence of six red-listed epiphytic bryophytes and lich ens in the boreo-nemoral forest landscape, Latvia. Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 58: 229–241.