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Dana Krasnopoļska, email:

In total, around 20 000 fungi exicates of Jūlijs Smarods are deposited in the fungi collection of DAU.

Jūlijs Smarods (1984-1956) was mycologist and phytopatologist.

Sample of fungi herbarium. Photo: Inita Svilāne.
Collection of J. Smarods in DAU herbarium. Photo: Inita Svilāne.
One of the exicates of J. Smarods collection. Photo: Inita Svilāne.

Types of Paragnomonia genus collected and identified by Inga Moročko-Bičevska are available in DAU herbarium.

Paragnomonia genus types from Inga Maročko-Bičevska collection in DAU herbarium. Photo: Inita Svilāne.