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For studentsContacts
Faculty:Faculty of Mathematics and Science
Obtainable Degree:Computer system and network administrator
Forms of the Programme Implementation:full-time studies
Programme Duration:2 years (including 16 weeks internship)
Study course descriptions Study course descriptions

Study program, in which you will acquire the knowledge and skills you need to optimise your performance in computer hardware, software and computer networking!

The specific aim of the programme

To prepare qualified and competitive computer system and computer network administrators in accordance with the fourth level professional standards, who are oriented to further education, providing the necessary knowledge and skills that would allow successful integration into the work force and independently apply the main requirements of the workforce.

The task of the programme according to its specific aim is as follows:

  • To ensure the course of the study process in accordance with the requirements of the education standard, within Latvian regulatory enactments, the European Higher Education Area requirements.
  • Provide necessary knowledge in the administration of computer systems and computer networks for practical process, in accordance with the fourth level of professional qualification
  • Give the needed theoretical knowledge and skills, that would allow graduates to qualify for a position in the workforce after finishing the programme.
  • To create the study process in a way that will promote students self-education and their involvement in continuing professional development processes as well as raising the level of their qualification.

Results of the study program:

Computer network administration – it is the ability to maintain and verify the security of a computer network, manage computer network resources, perform hardware, network equipment and software inventory, repair and installation, protect information from computer viruses, external attacks, internal threats and unauthorized access, and prevent emergency situations.

  1. level professional study program “Information Technology” graduates will mainly (but not only) be able to:
  2. Know and observe the legal norms of the European Union and regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia related to information technology questions.
  3. Use, administer and fully maintain a variety of operating systems.
  4. Perform computer network mapping, installation and configuration.
  5. Diagnose and troubleshoot software and hardware issues, and provide technical support to users.
  6. Install and configure servers and various Internet services (eg Apache, IIS, nginx).
  7. Administer computer network services (such as DHCP, DNS, SNMP, SMTP, FTP, and more).
  8. Work with and administer various databases (for example, MySQL, MSSQL).
  9. Prevent the use of unauthorized software and protect computer hardware and network equipment from computer viruses and other attacks.
  10. Diagnose hardware damage and perform minor hardware repairs
  11. To formalize documentation in accordance with the requirements of record-keeping regulatory enactments.
  12. Create and maintain websites and systems of different levels of complexity.
  13. To work individually and in a team, planning and organizing, as well as evaluating and improving one’s own and other people’s work in order to perform specific tasks of a computer systems and computer network administrator.
  14. Continue to self-educate and improve one’s own abilities.

After the Successful completion of the program where will you be able to work?

If you choose to study computer network administration, the field of professional activity will be infinitely wide, because no state institution, no serious individual company or bank can imagine working safely without a qualified computer network administrator.

After the Successful completion of the program where will you be able to continue your studies?

Pēc absolvēšanas ir iespēja turpināt studijas kādā no Latvijas augstskolām. Kā arī izmantot iespēju iestāties vēlākos studiju semestros, piemēram, Daugavpils Universitātē profesionālā bakalaura studiju programma “Informācijas tehnoloģijas” (programmēšanas inženieris). After graduating this program you will have the opportunity to continue studies in one of Latvia’s universities. As well as the opportunity to enter later study semesters, for example, at Daugavpils University’s professional bachelor study program “Information Technologies” (programming engineer).

Study courses

  • Professional terminology in a foreign language
  • Systems administration and maintenance
  • Operating system and server administration
  • Unix family OS
  • Protection of information systems
  • Fundamentals and standards of industry law
  • Computer networks and communications
  • Computer architecture
  • Digital electronics
  • Creating websites
  • Database technologies
  • Basics of programming
  • Web technologies
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Civil protection
  • Environment protection
  • Basics of economics
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Creation of electronic documentation
  • Course project
  • Internship

Internship (16 weeks) takes place in companies and institutions under the guidance of experienced IT specialists. The aim of the internship is to create an opportunity for the student to practice in acquiring the skills and abilities necessary for the profession in a real specialist work environment.

Program Director, lecturer Andrejs Radionovs