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Daugavpils Pedagogical Institute (1952 – 1993)

Due to the generalization of secondary education and the demand for teachers with higher education, in early 50’s teacher’s institutes were gradually replaced by pedagogical institutes. On February 18, 1952 an order was issued about reorganization of STI into higher educational institution – Daugavpils Pedagogical Institute (DPI). The length of studies in the institute was four years and students were admitted into two faculties: the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics and the Faculty of Philology (departments of Latvian Language and Literature and Russian Language and Literature).

In the course of time, the number of academic personnel increased and their scientific qualification improved. If in 1952 the number of tutors was 38, then in 1956 the number had already crossed a 100 and it continued to grow. Two new faculties were founded in 1954: the Faculty of Natural Sciences (later the Faculty of Biology) and the Faculty of History (closed on 1960). Year 1956 went down in the history with two significant events, namely, new study building at 13 Augusta 5th Street (today 13 Vienibas Street) is constructed and there is a shift to five-year teacher training programme. In the first five years of the existence of DPI the number of full-time students grew five times and in 1957 it was already more than 1000.


The Department of Music Pedagogy that later evolved into the Faculty of Music Pedagogy was created in 1970 on the base of the Department of Music and Singing of the Faculty of Philology. In 1973 a very important event was the opening of DPI Sports Complex at 1 Kandavas Street, which facilitated the establishment of the Faculty of Physical Education in 1987. All in all, at the beginning of 80s DPI had five faculties: the Faculty of Philology, the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, the Faculty of Biology and Chemistry, the Faculty of Music Pedagogy and the Faculty of Physical Education. September of 1989 was very significant for DPI, for a new study building at 1 Parades Street was opened. In 1991 for the first time students were admitted into the Department of Sociology, Philosophy and Economics.


In the early 90’s more then 2500 students studied at DPI. The highschool tried to develop the promotion of students’ scientific research work – contests for the best students’ scientific research work were conducted, students’ scientific conferences, exhibitions and olympiads were organized. A number of students’ interest associations were operating: Fighting Atheists Club (1959-1991), International Friendship Club (1963-1978), Students’ Club “The Optimist” (in 60’s and 70’s), Young Teachers Club “The Toch” (1970-1991), Sports Club (1958-1998), students’ construction brigades. In order to facilitate cultural activities in 1961 “Cultural Club” (later “Students’ Club”) was founded. The club cooperated with dance ensemble “Laima” (founded in 1955), drama troupe, mixed and women choirs.