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Daugavpils University (since 2001)


On January 29, 2001 DPU Senate approves the Conception of Development of Daugavpils University, where the university is positioned as a regional centre of higher education, culture and science, which will unite and develop the main educational and scientific potential of Eastern-Latvia in the fields of natural, social and educational sciences and humanities. The mission of Daugavpils University is to provide high quality studies and scientific research adequate for current requirements, creating an intellectual basis for harmonious development of Latgale region.

On March 5, 2001 the Constitutional Assembly approved changing the name of Daugavpils Pedagogical University into Daugavpils University (DU). The grounds for the procedure were the increase in the scientific and educational potential, broadening of the offer of academic and professional studies and the rise in the quality of studies. This day was a new turn in highschool’s history because a new constitution – the Satversme of Daugavpils University was approved.


Again there were significant changes in the structure of DU. On October 1, 2001, in the course of reorganization of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, the Faculty the Faculty of Social Sciences was established; on August 7, 2003 with the decision of the Senate the Faculty of Education and Management was established. At the same meeting the Senate also decided to dismiss the Department of Work Training, the Department of Sports Methodology, the Department of Dance and to establish the Department of Law at the Faculty of Social Sciences. A number of scientific centres and institutes were created: Institute of Sustainable Education (2003), Institute of Social Investigation (2003), Centre of Oral History (2003), Institute of Comparative Studies (2003), Institute of Ecology (2004), G. Liberts Innovative Microscopy Centre (2004) and Institute of Systematic Biology (2005).

Currently the study process at DU is organized in five faculties: the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and the Faculty of Education and Management, the Faculty of Music and Arts and the Faculty of Social Sciences. The premises of the university are situated at the three original buildings (13 Vienības Street, 1 Parādes Street, 1a Parādes Street), as well as the Sports Complex at 1 Kandavas Street is still used.