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For studentsContacts
Programme Duration:1,5 years
Programme Workload:62 CP / 93 ECTS CP
Admission Requirements:Professional Bachelor’s degree in Art, or
Diploma of higher professional education in Art which corresponds to the second-level, or equal to it, education in the field of art.
Obtainable Degree:Professional Master’s Degree in Art
Place of the Programme Implementation:Daugavpils University, 1/3 Saules Street
Form of the Programme Implementation:full-time studies
Programme Director:Professor, Dr. paed. Aleksandra Šļahova
Study course descriptionsStudiju kursu apraksti

The aim of the professional higher education master’s study programme “Art” is to provide the opportunity for the graduates of both Daugavpils University and other higher education institutions:

  • to improve their professional art education;
  • to solve problems in a new or unfamiliar environment, within a broader cultural and art context;
  • to clearly and unequivocally expound the conclusions they have come to before the audience of both specialists and non-specialists in art and culture, as well as the knowledge and logical arguments which they are based on;
  • to be able to continue art studies by managing this process themselves or being autonomous in it.

To achieve this aim the following tasks have been set:

  • to improve basic scientific and professional skills in employing art techniques when developing and presenting independent creative projects;
  • to promote the improvement of students’ knowledge, skills and abilities in art so that they should be competent in contemporary art of Latvia and the world;
  • to promote students’ training for independent and individual artistic creative work and research, and provide them with the opportunity to self-realize as professional, free, responsible and creative personalities.

The tasks are to be carried out by giving the master students theoretical knowledge in theory of art, psychology and philosophy, by practically developing their skills in the selected art specialization and improving knowledge, skills and abilities during their qualification practice.

During the acquisition of master’s study programme the students increase and broaden their knowledge, skills and competence in the field of art.


The programme is aimed at extended acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge in art sub-branches, at developing deeper understanding of history of art and culture, philosophy and psychology of art. Having successfully implemented the programme and completed the study courses the students will demonstrate understanding about documents regulating the work of art companies, art institutions and scientific research as well as those concerning the labour legislation; they will be competent in issues pertaining to the organization of art companies and work environment as well as in issues of developing social relations; they will demonstrate competence in information technologies and topical contemporary global and local problems in the field of art as well as will be able to offer solutions to these problems.


The implementation of the study programme and acquisition of study courses are based on the previously obtained social, communicative and educational skills and simultaneously promote the improvement of these skills as well as provide the development of such new and complicated skills as:

1. Common skills of the branch:

  • to plan one’s own and art specialists’ work;
  • to organize work in line with the set aims and tasks;
  • to evaluate the efficiency of work.

2. Art specialist skills:

  • skills of working in a team;
  • skill of being able to inform about creative results of one’s work;
  • skill of being able to substantiate one’s own opinion and to respect that of other people;
  • skill to develop creative projects, to conduct research, to obtain, analyze ant select information and use it;
  • skill to improve professional mastership in the field of art;
  • skill to creatively organize work;
  • skill to use information technologies;
  • skill to make the analysis of creative activity.

3. Skills relating to the development of specialist’s personality:

skills of self-evaluation;

  • skill to identify and resolve problem-situations;
  • skill to independently evaluate problems and resolve them.

During their studies in the programme the students acquire professional competence which is reflected in their skills and also characterize art specialist with master’s degree as a person   having comprehensive knowledge about conceptual aspects of creative work; understanding about artist’s role in the society; a person who has obtained professional fundamentals for active participation in contemporary art and design processes, in developing art projects and implementation and presentation of creative ideas.