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Language and culture studies

FacultyFaculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Programme Duration3 years
Programme Workload120 CP / 180 ECTS
Obtainable DegreeThe acquisition of an academic bachelor’s degree in Humanities in Literature and Linguistics with the specialization in English Studies or Latvian Studies or Russian Studies
Forms of the Programme ImplementationFull-time studies
Admission Requirements-Secondary education;
-English language knowledge at least at a B2 level.
Study course descriptions


The aim of the ABSP “Language and Culture Studies” is to provide students with an understanding of the most important concepts and regularities of English / Latvian / Russian linguistics, literary studies, culture studies, integrated acquisition of theoretical knowledge, practical and research skills, achieving the learning outcomes specified in the study programme, which correspond to the Level 6 knowledge, skills and competence of the European qualification framework specified in the classification of the Latvian education.

Knowledge, skills and competences

Knowledge, skills and transversal competences are developed and improved in each study course: students use the acquired research skills to plan and develop micro-research and project works to carry out independent research – identify and study issues related to language, literature, culture, taking into account the cultural and historical, economic, social, etc. context; take decisions in groups and individually, thus demonstrating interpersonal, social and cooperative skills; works with the latest technologies.


The sub-programme English Studies provides knowledge in general and applied linguistics, literary studies in the cultural-historical context of British and North American literature, and cultural studies (including knowledge of the literature, history and cultural dimensions of Anglophone countries – Great Britain, the United States of America and Canada), as well as develops high-level communicative competence and professional competence in the field of languages and cultures in English and other languages (Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Latvian or Russian).

The sub-programme Latvian Studies provides knowledge in the modern Latvian language, Latvian folklore and mythology, understanding of Latvian literature and cultural processes, research of regional literature: its changing traditions in Latgale, acquisition of regional variants of the Latvian language and the Latgalian written language, as well as the Lithuanian language studies, thus giving students the opportunity to dwell not only into the processes taking place in contemporary Latvian, literature and their research, but also to focus on regional studies – regional aspects of Latgale culture and language.

The cultural and historical development of the region of Eastern Latvia (Latgale) and the contemporary social demand have determined the implementation of the sub-programme Russian Studies in two versions – Russian Studies I and Russian Studies II.

Programme director

Dr.philol., doc. Ilze Oļehnoviča