For studentsContacts
For studentsContacts

Laboratory of Botany services:

  • Species group: vascular plants and habitat group: forests and heaths, grasslands, bogs, running and standing freshwater services of certified experts
  • Identification of vascular plant species, including rare and protected plant species
  • Inventory of dendrological plantations, inventory of dendrological objects (ancent trees, alleys, rare introduced trees): determination of tree vitality and landscape capacity, development of recommendations for greenery management

Contact information: peteris.evarts[at]

Zoology laboratory services:

  • Expertise of molluscs and small rodent species (RodentiaMyoxidae) on nature protection issues
  • Identification of mollusc collection materials
  • Science communication activities (expeditions, lectures in schools, museums, etc.)
  • Consultations

Contact information: iveta.jakubane[at]

Coleopterological Research Center services:

  • Expertise of invertebrate species in issues related to nature protection
  • Identification of forest and agricultural pests
  • Determination of beetle collection materials
  • Science communication activities (expeditions, camps in nature, excursions and classes in nature, field practices, lectures in schools, etc.)
  • Preparing students for Olympiad, competitions, etc.
  • Consultations

Contact information: maksims.balalaikins[at]

Forest biodiversity laboratory services:

  • Species group: lichens and mosses services of certified nature experts
  • Identification of lichen, lichenophilic fungi and moss species, including rare and protected species

Contact information: rolands.moisejevs[at]

Genomics and biotechnology laboratory services:

  • Determining the genetic structure of populations
  • Identification of species using molecular methods
  • Molecular detection of Trichinella species

Contact information: inese.kokina[at]

Animal ecology and evolution laboratory services:

  • Ornithological expertise in issues related to nature protection
  • Determination of the immunological status of insects – evaluation of reproductive potential to predict the number of pests
  • Detection of bird blood parasites

Contact information: indrikis.krams[at]

Hydroecology laboratory services:

  • Physico-chemical properties of water, their changes (temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, electrical conductivity, oxidation-reduction potential, turbidity, total solutes, chlorophyll α – field conditions, biochemical oxygen consumption – laboratory conditions) in freshwater ecosystem studies;
  • Application of hydroacoustic methods (current velocity, flow, bathymetry, fish stocks) in freshwater ecosystem studies;
  • Structural-functional changes in zooplankton cenoses (taxonomic composition, diversity, number, biomass, size, seasonality, spatial distribution, etc.) in freshwater ecosystems as an indicator of their status;
  • Eutrophication processes in freshwater ecosystems;
  • Alien and relict species of lower and upper crustaceans in freshwater ecosystems;
  • Hydrobiont oxidative stress research in collaboration with the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Genetics;
  • Genetic research of hydrobionts in collaboration with the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Genetics.

Contact information: jana.paidere[at]

Parasitology and histology laboratory services:

  • Parasitofauna of Latvian wild, domestic and freshwater fish;
  • Prevalence of sarcocystosis and trichinosis in wild animals of Latvia;
  • Interspecies and intra-species relationships of parasites;
  • Parasite-host relationship;
  • Influence of abiotic factors on parasite morphology and their occurrence in the host.

Contact information: muza.kirjusina[at]

G.Liberta Innovative Microscopy Center services:

  • Field emission electron scanning microscope MAIA, TESCAN. Equipped with EDX / EBSD detectors INCA Synergy (Oxford Instruments)
  • Electron scanning microscope VEGA II LMU, TESCAN. Equipped with nanolithography system ELPHI Plus (Raith)
  • Confocal laser scanning microscope Leica TCSP-5. LSM includes 3 spectral confocal channels with simultaneous spectral analysis of fluorescence images, multiparametric excitation of fluorescence of objects with laser lines of different visible wavelengths
  • High resolution X-ray diffractometer for thin and nanostructured film research SmartLab (Rigaku)
  • Nanoparticle and coatings sputtering equipment