For studentsContacts
For studentsContacts
4th International Conference “Forestry – Pillar of Latvian National Economy in the Context of Bioeconomic Fields Development”17.11.2019.Daugavpils, Latvia
10th International Conference on Biodiversity Research24.–26.04.2019.Daugavpils, Latvia
3rd International Conference “Sustainable Management of Nature Resources – Driving Force of Economic Development of the Baltic Sea Region”25.10.2018.Daugavpils, Latvia
9th International Conference on Biodiversity Research26.-28.04.2017.Daugavpils, Latvia
2nd International Conference: “Sustainable Forest Management in the Baltics. Earth and man in the balanced interaction”09.11.2017.Daugavpils, Latvia
2nd International Aquaculture Conference Recirculating aquaculture systems: Life science and Technologies4.-5.05.2017.Daugavpils, Latvia
International scientific conference “Environment and sustainable forest management in the Baltics – problems and solutions”08.-09.12.2016.Daugavpils, Latvia
The 58th International Scientific Conference of Daugavpils University 14.-15.04.2016. Daugavpils, Latvia
8th International Conference on Biodiversity Research (ICBR)28.-30.04.2015.Daugavpils, Latvia
Daugavpils Universitātes 57. starptautiskā konference16.-17.04.2015.Daugavpils, Latvia
9th Baltic Theriological Conference16.-18.10.2014.Daugavpils, Latvia
8th Symposium of Baltic Coleopterologists10.-12.06.2014.Kiry–Tatra National park, Poland
Daugavpils Universitātes 56. starptautiskā zinātniskā konference9.-11.04.2014.Daugavpils, Latvia
7th International Conference “Research and Conservation of Biological Diversity in Baltic Region”25.-27.04.2013.Daugavpils, Latvia
Daugavpils Universitātes 55. starptautiskā zinātniskā konference10.-12.04.2013.Daugavpils, Latvia
LIFE+ programmas 20. gadadienai veltīta starptautiskā konference “Moricsalai – 100” Bioloģiskā daudzveidība NATURA 2000 vietā – Moricsalas dabas rezervātā1.06.2012.Ventspils, Latvia
Daugavpils Universitātes 54. starptautiskā zinātniskā konference18.-20.04.2012.Daugavpils, Latvia
Daugavpils Universitātes 53. starptautiskā zinātniskā konference13.-15.04.2011.Daugavpils, Latvia
15th European Carabidologists’ Meeting23.-27.08.2011.Daugavpils, Latvia
6th International Conference “Research and Conservation of Biological Diversity in Baltic Region”28.-29.04.2011.Daugavpils, Latvia
Behavior 2011 – Joint Meeting of the Animal Behaviour Society & The International Ethological Conference25.-30.07.2011.Bloomington, Indiana, USA
Conference of European Ornithologists’ Union27.-30.08.2011.Rīga, Latvia
8. Latvijas ģenētiķu un selekcionāru biedrības kongress4.-5.06.2010.Daugavpils, Latvia
Daugavpils Universitātes 52. starptautiskā zinātniskā konference14.-17.04.2010.Daugavpils, Latvia
3th Symposium of the Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology16.-18.04.2009.Rīga, Latvia
5th International Conference “Research and Conservation of Biological Diversity in Baltic Region”22.-24.04.2009.Daugavpils, Latvia
International Veterinary Laboratory Scientific and Applied Conference “Laboratory diagnostics today and its future challenges”28.-29.08.2008.PVD NDC, Rīga, Latvia
Starptautiskā konference „Dvina, Dzvina, Daugava”29.-31.10.2008.Daugavpils, Latvia
1st European Swan Conference “Swan Ecology and Biology”8.-11.10.2008.Daugavpils, Latvia
22nd Expedition of the Baltic Botanists14.-17.07.2008.Daugavpils, Latvia
4th International Conference “Research and conservation of biological diversity in Baltic Region”25.-27.04.2007.Daugavpils, Latvia
International Symposium „Investigations of invasive arboreal species in Baltic region”3.-4.11.2006.Daugavpils, Latvia
6th Symposium of Baltic Coleopterologists „Comunities of Coleoptera in agricultural and forest ecosystems”7.-9.09.2006.Kauņa, Lithuania
Symposium on Taxonomy and Faunistics of Beetles (Coleoptera) dedicated to the 100th birthday of the famous Latvian entomologist Mihails Stiprais (1905-1990)2.-4.06.2005.Daugavpils, Latvia
3rd International Conference „Research and Conservation of Biological Diversity in Baltic Region”20.-22.04.2005.Daugavpils, Latvia