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Professional master’s study programme “PSYCHOLOGY” 
Faculty The faculty of Social studies
Qualification and professional degree psychologist, professional master’s degree in psychology
Type of studies full-time studies
Duration of studies 2 years or 1 year and 5 months

Admission requirements:

For 2-year full-time studies:

  • academic degree in psychology
  • contest results are based on the average mark for the final/national testing

For 1,5-year full-time studies:

  • a professional degree in psychology or a level 2 higher vocational education in the field of psychology;
  • contest results are based on the average mark for the final/national testing.

Tasks of the study programme:

To ensure master level studies that are relevant to the professional activities of psychologists as well as the current Latvian context that provides obtaining the professional qualification, based on the theoretical basis of industry sciences and coordinated with the psychologist’s professional standard.

Give students a chance to obtain psychologist’s qualification that would aid their ability to compete in the changing socio-economic conditions.

Provide the opportunity to develop new and further develop psychologist’s existing professional skills and competences, as well as to prepare students for innovation and research work in the psychology sector.

To promote the understanding of the professional ethics code of a psychologist and to develop organisational competencies of the professional activity of a psychologist;

To promote the motivation and realization of understanding self-growth.

To engage students in applied research in order to develop their research skills and to prepare them for further doctoral study programmes in Latvia an abroad.

Content of the study programme:

The content of the programme consists of study courses that ensure an advanced learning of the latest achievements in theory and practice of psychology (18 ECTS), research, innovation, project and management study courses (18 ECTS) and course of sectoral vocational specialization subprogrammes (in the field of consultative psychology (15 ECTS), or educational and school psychology (15 ECTS). Study programme is being realized in Latvian and English.

Professional qualification practice:

For students with a Social Science Bachelor’s degree in psychology, the practice of professional qualifications is set at 39 ECTS (duration of studies – 2 years), but those who have obtained a professional degree in psychology, the intended amount of ECTS is 9 (duration of studies – 1.5 years).

After successfully completing the programme, the graduate will be able to:

  • enter EU and Latvian labour market by offering their knowledge and skills in different public institutions and private companies;
  • pursue doctoral studies.

Programme director:
PhD. psych., associate professor Aleksejs Ruža
telephone number: 65428629, 65427737

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