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20220801 - 20220807

International bryology seminar 2022

August 1 – August 7, 2022

Daugavpils University Study and Research Center “Ilgas”, Latvia

About the seminar

Daugavpils University in cooperation with Bryological and Lichenological Association for Central Europe and University of Latvia Institute of Biology are organizing International bryology seminar 2022. The seminar will bring together bryologists from Baltic countries, Western and Central Europe for the exchange and increase the knowledge in Red-listed temperate bryophyte identification, ecology and conservation. Participants of the seminar will visit diverse habitats in Eastern Latvia as grasslands, forests and wetlands. During the seminar participants will present and discuss Red-listed bryophyte conservation in European countries. The aim of the seminar is to increase the theoretical and practical knowledge in bryophyte species identification, distribution, ecology and conservation.

Daugavpils University Study and Research Center “Ilgas”


The main venue of the International bryology seminar 2022 will be in Daugavpils University Study and Research Center “Ilgas”. Center is located in Skrudaliena parish located in the nature park “Silene”. It is a modern complex of training and scientific laboratories, where researchers, students and guests can conduct research using the most modern equipment and collection rooms. The seminar field trips are planned in each day in different regions and habitats of Eastern Latvia.


The International bryology seminar 2022 will start with introduction of Ilgas Study and Research center and bryophytes in surroundings. Here we will see highly abundant logs with Nowellia curvifolia. In a vicinity outside of the forest we will visit transient mire with Drepanocladus lycopodioides. Next day we will visit Naujenes grava with Anomodon sp. and transient mire with Mesoptychia rutheana, Paludella squarrosa and Straminergon stramineum. On the fourth day we will go to Teiči Strict Nature Reserve (, where we will be introduced to different Sphagnum species in bogs. On fourth day we will go to Lubāna mitrājs Nature Reserve (, where in forest habitats can be found Trichocolea tomentella and Crossocalyx hellerianus. Our last seminar field trip will be in Pilskalnes Siguldiņa Nature Reserve, where Dicranum viride are distributed in slope forests.

Transient mire
Teiči Strict Nature Reserve
Swamp Pinus sylvestris forest in Lubāna Nature Reserve
Broad leaved forest in Lubāna Nature Reserve

Financial support

The seminar is funded by the LIFE project LIFE FOR SPECIES “Threatened species in Latvia: improved knowledge, capacity, data and awareness” Project No.: LIFE19GIE/LV/000857

Contact information

Dr. Anna Mežaka, email: (Latvia)

PhD Steffen Caspari, email: (Germany)