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On 9-10 April 2022, the DU ERASMUS+ students from Philippines organized the first two sessions of basic English class with the Ukrainian kid refugees in the DMK dormitory with the help of DU Student Council representative and DU ERASMUS+ student from Poland who served as translators.

On the first day, eleven kids attended the activity with age ranges from 7 to 13 years old. The class started with a game that would enable them to know one another. It then followed with an action song and the introduction to the basic English alphabet. The kids were attentive and fast learners. On the second day, eight kids joined wherein some of them are new. The activity focused on teaching them basic English words through interactive games and songs. Also, the scholars were delighted to get the support of the mothers of the kids. This class will be conducted every weekend for more than two months as long as the Ukrainians and the Scholars are still here in Latvia.

The first two sessions served as pre-assessment to determine the level of knowledge and ability of the kids to understand. With this, the ERASMUS+ students can plan and strategize to effectively teach them and to identify other needs. Further, this program, as initiated by the DU ERASMUS+ students from the Philippines, also aimed to build rapport, and support to the Ukrainian refugees and to help them make their stay in the dorm more worthwhile, and more meaningful on the part of the scholars. The said ERASMUS+ students also encouraged fellow scholars to help volunteer in helping for this cause.

Day 1 (April 9, 2022)

Day 2 (April 10, 2022)