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DU students participated in Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) “Inclusive Education: Inclusive Practices in Different Cultures” at Vilnius University Šiauliai Academy


From March 18 until March 22, 2024 (online lectures) and from April 15 until April 19, 2024 (Face-to-face lectures) EU Erasmus+ blended intensive programme (BIP) Inclusive Education: Inclusive Practices in Different Cultures (link to the BIP website: ) took place at the Siauliai Academy of Vilnius University.

Within the framework of the EU Erasmus+ programme, participants from five countries had an opportunity to get acquainted with innovations and practical experience in the field of inclusive education. The participants were from Latvia – Daugavpils University, Lithuania – Vilnius University Siauliai Academy, Switzerland – Zürich Hochschule, Romania – Babeș-Bolyai University and Italy – Recco Università di Bologna.

Professor Dzintra Iliško and docent Jeļena Badjanova took part in the project from Daugavpils University by offering interactive practical seminar “Possibilities and Experience of Implementing Inclusive Education in Latvia” for the participants of the seminar.

Due to a long-term cooperation with colleagues from Šiauliai Academy of Vilnius University, such as assist. professor Regina Karvelienė and Beatričė Poškuvienė the team from Daugavpils University had an opportunity to participate in the project. Among the participants were students from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Daugavpils University:

  • 1st level study programme “Preschool Teacher”: 2. Year students Kebzere Olga un Trimailo Natālija
  • Professional Bachelor’s study programme “Primary education teacher”:  1., 2., 3. Year students Ustinova Anželika, Ņikitina Dina, Višemirska Marina, Matvejenko Olga, Maļinovska Poļina, Romanova Marta.

Participation in this project provided an opportunity for students to expand their professional competences, including cooperation skills not only in the local, but also in the global context, thus contributing to the development of students’ needs.

 Valuable and intensive interaction during international project ensured possibility of acquisition and realization of theoretical insights and practical activities of pedagogy, psychology and methodology, including openness to new and innovative ideas in the field of inclusive education.

By analysing and solving topical issues in education, independently and in cooperation with students from Italy, Switzerland, Lithuania and Romania, as well as specialists in the field of inclusive education, our students have defined their mission  in a wider social context, in different social environments, that is necessary for the improvement of the professional competence of a teacher.

During the first day of the meeting, within the framework of the project, all participants had the opportunity to try national dishes brought by the participants from five countries. Our students surprised the participants with handmade souvenirs – symbols of our national culture with explanations of ethnographic signs in English.

In line with the tasks assigned during each day, the project implementers, cooperation partners from Siauliai Academy, have organized excursions that enriched participants’ perceptions about the Lithuanian culture in general and inspired all participants to continue cooperation and to participate in BIP projects in the future.

Because of the support of leaders of Daugavpils University, HSZF management, Inese Hodanova, Siauliai Academy of Vilnius University and students themselves, as well as their readiness to implement new ideas, to enrich their personal experience and to share with others, and to promote their study programs at the international level.

Contact information:

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Healthcare, Department of Sport, Director of the PBSP Primary education teacher, Dr. paed., Mg. psych., docent Jeļena Badjanova; +371 26760050

Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, PhD, Mg. psych., professor, Dzintra Iliško; +371 29378690