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For studentsContacts

DU is against the war and prepared a support programme for the people and students of Ukraine


Daugavpils University (DU) is actively involved in ensuring any kind of support, considering various ways to provide the necessary assistance.

Accommodation for refugees is offered at the University Service Hotel. The Ukrainian people have been actively using these services since Saturday, the 3rd of March.

DU offers free service hotels and free tuition to Ukrainian students.

DU International and Public Relations Office has contacted all the students from Ukraine and identified their needs maintaining close and constant contact.

DU Student Council actively and voluntarily participated in the organization of support points in the premises of Daugavpils Olympic Centre, where all the residents of Daugavpils could provide support to the civilian population of Ukraine donating humanitarian aid, technical support, defence, medicine and hygiene products, food.

Expressing a clear NO to the war and standing for world peace, the representatives of the Student Council took part in an event in support of Ukraine, which happened on March 3 in front of Daugavpils University at 13 Vienības Street.

Each employee and student of the University is individually involved with the heart and soul in the support of Ukraine.

Daugavpils University continues to develop an even wider support programme in order to offer support in other projects as well.