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A farewell event for Erasmus+ students of Daugavpils University


On June 12th a culmination activity was conducted as a farewell event for Erasmus+ students of Daugavpils University. For the Spring of 2023, a total of 32 Erasmus+ students attended the university in various academic programs and levels – bachelor, master, and doctor. For this semester, Erasmus+ students came from 12 countries – Georgia, Turkey, India, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Philippines, Lesotho, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, Lithuania and Italy.

Several students brought a national dishes from their country, which everyone enjoyed. Through this, those who attended the event could taste and experience the rich culture of the diverse countries.

To officially start the program, senior specialist of cooperation issues Liene Leikuma-Rimicāne gave the welcome remarks. The presentation of the Erasmus+ students followed this. The university rector, Prof. Arvīds Barševskis was also present and gave his farewell message to all the students. At the farewell event, students from different countries shared their impressions of studying and living in Daugavpils and the experiences and opportunities they had gained. They also thanked the Erasmus+ staff, professors and Student Council members for helping them, addressing their concerns and giving them fun-filled activities during their stay in Daugavpils. Students from Lesotho and India also showcased their national dances while donning their national costumes. Some students from Tajikistan also wore their national costumes during the event.

Erasmus+ coordinators Karolīna Hrapāne, Jeļena Grodņa and Inese Hodanova also said farewell words. The Student Council president Paula Vikaine also accepted the words of gratitude from the students and wished everyone a happy trip going home. To conclude the event, a short video clip was shown where students expressed their gratitude in their native language. The video also showed the experiences which Erasmus+ students had during spring semester at Daugavpils University.

This is just one of the many events that Erasmus+ and Daugavpils University will continue to conduct in the future. The idea of planning and organizing the event came from the course Project Elaboration and Management under Liene Leikuma-Rimicāne.

Student feedbacks can be read below.

“My sincere gratitude to Erasmus+ study mobility for supporting students irrespective of their age, gender, skin colour and place of origin.”Lenonya Keneuoe Francis, National University of Lesotho, Lesotho.

Rolands Moisejevs deserves special recognition. He is my favorite professor at Daugavpils University. I appreciate how he exposes us to the surroundings and talks about a variety of topics, as if we were having everyday conversations. Of course, I also thank Anna Mežaka, Maksims Balalaikins, Artūrs Škute, Dāvis Gruberts for their contributions to my field.”Jerely L. Pilare, University of Mindanao, Philippines

“Erasmus+ study mobility in Latvia brought both academic and personal gains. Academically, I learned from experienced professors and had discussions with students from diverse backgrounds. This broadened my thinking and improved my critical skills. The university’s excellent facilities supported my academic growth. Personally, the experience was life-changing” Ambika Rathore, Dev Sanskriti University, India

“The most significant impression is peaceful surroundings and helpful people have been the most
remarkable aspects of my experience. The beautiful snowfall, small population, and everyone being punctual have also made a strong impact. The locals’ constant positivity and happiness have added to the overall experience. All these factors have made my time here memorable and enriching”
Amrita Bhade, Dev Sanskriti University, India

“There aren’t enough words in the English language to express how much I loved studying here, and my academic life was perfect. Thanks to my patient teacher Inguna Teilane, learning Latvian was challenging and amazing. My research outcomes are truly exceptional. I didn’t realise that until I was under the supervision of my all-time favourite professor, Dzintra Iliško. She went above and beyond to create a setting that was ideal for learning and made my time in Latvia the best I’ve ever experienced. Dz.Iliško made it her responsibility to inform me of every academic event that took place in Latvia, and I was welcome to attend. And because of her, I was able to take part in conferences, exhibitions, workshops, and seminars and earn certificates. Dz.Iliško even gave me a lifetime opportunity to coordinate with her the moderating session of the conference. That was a very humbling and exciting experience in my academic growth.” Mabasia Motheba Ramanemane, National University of Lesotho, Lesotho.

“My stay in DU as an Erasmus+ student will always be one of the best moments in my life. DU scheduled excursion activities for us which allowed me to visit various cultural heritage spots that I never have imagined visiting before. This experience can be summarized into three things – culture, learning, growth. Thank you DU! Thank you EU!”Jade D. Solaña, University of Mindanao, Philippines

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