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  • We invite third country nationals to enrol for three-month free courses of Latvian language!

    Aktualizēts 04.02.2019 13:52

    The target audience of the project: third-country (the Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, etc.) nationals, who have come to Latvia and legally live on its territory.

    The project will be conducted by „Centre for Latvian Studies” of Daugavpils University and highly-qualified teachers with big work experience using modern methods. The time and days of classes will be agreed with the course participants after setting the groups.

    Information and registration

    The project work and the courses will take place in Daugavpils University, Vienibas street 13, Daugavpils.

    More detailed information can be found on the homepage of Daugavpils University ww.du.lv in te section „Latviešu valodas kursi trešo valstu valstspiederīgajiem „Valoda saziņai””.

    The courses will be conducted in the frames of planning the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of 2014-2020 for the project The Courses of the Latvian Language for Third-country Nationals „Language for Communication”, the number of the grant contract is PMIF/6/2018/2/04.

    The Project is implemented with the financial support of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (75%) and the Latvian state budget (25%)


    The publication is implemented with the financial support of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

    Daugavpils University is responsible for the contents of this publication

    Publication  published 04.02.2019.


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