Foreign Languages, Interpretation

Faculty of Humanities, Centre of Foreign Languages  provides the following services:

  1. Training of foreign languages – English, German, Spanish, Swedish, French, Polish, Belorussian, Russian, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Latgalian, and Rumanian.
  2. Commercial translations: Oral translation, written translation.
  3. Information on Nordic countries, France, Spain, etc.
  4. Studies of Nordic countries, France, Spain and other countries.

Centre of Foreign Languages invites everyone to study foreign languages.
Private companies are kindly asked to arrange practical training for interpreters.

Detailed information:
Mg. paed., Diāna Ozola
Head of the Centre of Foreign Languages
13 – 410 Vienības Street,
Daugavpils, LV-5401
Phone: +371 29226062
E-mail: diana.ozola[at], svesvaloducentrs[at]

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