Scientific Periodicals

Nr. Edition name
Quoted in the following databases
1. Baltic Journal of Coleopterology 2000 A. Barševskis
Thomson Reuters Web of Science, SCOPUS, CABI, CSA, Elsevier
2. Acta Biologica Universitatis Daugavpiliensis (PDF, 220.4 Kb) 2000 I. Kokina
Thomson Reuters Web of Science Master Journal list, CSA, ELSEVIER, CABI
3. Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability 2002 A. Skrinda
Cabell’s Directory, CABI – CAB Abstracts, CEJSH (The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities), Celdes, CNPIEC, EBSCO Discovery Service, Educational Research Abstracts Online, Elsevier – SCOPUS, Google Scholar, J-Gate, Microsoft Academic Search, Naviga (Softweco), Primo Central (ExLibris), Summon (Serials Solutions/ProQuest), Wiley – Higher Education Abstracts, WorldCat (OCLC).
4. Discourse and Communication for Sustainable Education 2010 A. Skrinda
Cabell’s Directory, Celdes, CNPIEC, EBSCO Discovery Service, Google Scholar, J-Gate, Microsoft Academic Search, Naviga (Softweco), Primo Central (ExLibris), Summon (Serials Solutions/ProQuest), WorldCat (OCLC).
5. Journal „Social Sciences Bulletin” 2004 V. Komarova
6. Proceedings of the International Scientific Conferences of Faculty of Social Sciences of Daugavpils University 2007 V. Meņšikovs
Electronic Journals Library of University of Regensburg
7. Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference of Daugavpils University 2008 I.Zuģicka
8. Journal „Regional Review” 2005 E. Jermolajeva EBSCO, ProQuest, WINIR
9. Collected Articles „Literatūra un kultūra: process, mijiedarbība un problēmas” 2001 M. Burima
10. Collected Articles „Person. Color. Nature. Music.” 1997 A. Šļahova
The Conference Proceedings Citation Index, Thomson Reuters
11. Journal „Problems in Music Pedagogy” 2007 J. Davidova EBSCO
12. Journal “ART TEMPUS” 2013 Z. Barševska
13. Collected Articles „Music Science Today: the Permanent and the Changeable ” 2005 Ē. Daugulis
14. Collected Articles  “Чинновский сборник” 2003 A. Stankeviča
15. Collected Articles  „Славянские чтения„ 2000 A. Stankeviča
16. Collected Articles „Добычинский сборник” 1991 A. Stankeviča
17. Journal „Comparative Studies” 2008 M.Burima
18. The Collected Articles „The Almanac of the Institute of Comparative Studies” 2005

F. Fjodorovs

M. Burima

E. Vasiļjeva

J. Koroļova

I. Kačāne

Ž. Badins

O. Kovzele

19. The Collected Articles „Culture Studies” 2009 A.Stašulāne EBSCO
20. The Collected Articles „History: sources and people” 1997 I.Saleniece EBSCO
21. Acta Latgalica 1965 H. Soms
22. Database „Latgales dati” 1994 H. Soms


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