Participation of the DU Center of Sustainable Education in the Researchers’ Night activities

Aktualizēts 01.10.2019 13:08

On September 27, the Center of Sustainable Education of Daugavpils University participated in the European Researchers’ Night “Science for the Future” event, allowing anyone interested to visualize the “School 2030” and having discussed the life skills that are essential for students in the 21st century.

The event was organized in all the European Union countries in order to promote research and innovation activities, to raise awareness of work of scientists and its impact on our daily lives, as well as to encourage young people to choose the profession of teacher.

This year the researchers of the Centre of Sustainable Education have invited visitors of all age groups to join an interactive workshop: “Competencies for Life Skills for Sustainable Development.” The development of life skills is becoming an essential part of today’s education, therefore the workshop participants have been welcome to discuss and to improve their life skills by working together and talking over the issues of sustainable development.

A purposeful process of developing life skills fosters a positive atmosphere, which is a necessary condition for the development of pupils’ self-confidence and self-management. The theme “21st Century Skills” encourages everyone to think about how to prepare children for their future lives and work.

The European Researchers’ Night event program is funded by the European Union’ s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, NIGHTLV – 2018-2019 (grant agreement no. 819129).

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Dzintra Iliško

Ilona Fjodorova

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