First stage of Research “Assessment of Competences of Higher Education Students and Dynamics of its Development in the Study Process” completed by participation of Daugavpils University

Aktualizēts 14.07.2020 14:22


In January 2020, ESF project Nr. within the framework of the “Development and implementation of the education quality monitoring system,” the implementation of the first phase of the research “Assessment of Competences of Higher Education Students and Dynamics of Their Development in the Study Process” has started (project agreement number: (23-12.3e / 19 / 103). The researchers, experts and research assistants were involved in this project from 7 universities – LU, LiepU, RTA, RTU, RSU, DU, JVLMA and the educational company “Lielvārde”. At this stage we can already report on the work done in the first months of its work.

Although the COVID-19 has introduced some adjustments to the project’s scheme of implementation, the tasks undertaken by the researchers involved in the project at this stage were fulfilled. From Daugavpils University senior researcher Eridiana Oļehnoviča and prof. Dzintra Iliško took part in the project. In order to achieve the research goal – to explore the students’ transversal competencies (research, innovation, entrepreneurship, digital, global and civic competences) in RIS 3, creative industries, public administration and education, recent studies and thirty-five examples of good practice have been analyzed, transversal competences were conceptualized and their manifestations in the above mentioned professional fields has been discovered, the criteria and indicators that characterize the structure of transversal competences were singled out, as well as the structure of teachers’ professional competence was designed.

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