Departments of Information Science


Position Degree / Name Contact Information
Head of the Department
Docente Dr.phys. Svetlana Ignatjeva svetlana.ignatjeva[at]
Academic staff
Assoc. Professor Dr.paed. Nellija Bogdanova nelly.bogdanova[at]
Lector Mg.paed. Vija Jankoviče vija.jankovice[du]
Lector Olga Perevalova olga.perevalova[at]
Lector Mg.paed. Ieva Boļakova ieva.bolakova[at]
Lector Andris Vagalis andris.vagalis[at]
Lector Vija Vagale vija.vagale[at]
Lector Mg.paed. Vilnis Vanaģelis vilnis.vanagelis[at]
Support staff
Computer Systems and Networks Administrator Tatjana Soldatjonoka tatjana.soldatjonoka[at]
Computer Systems and Networks Administrator Andrejs Radionovs andrejs.radionovs[at]

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